Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not compulsory, but we recommend you take out domestic insurance to cover you for medical conditions, event cancellations or other situations that may restrict your travel.

Can I smoke at the property?

All our properties have an internal no smoking policy. If smoking outside, you will need to stand well clear of the windows and ensure you place all butts in the rubbish bin.

Can my friends and I make a booking for Schoolies?

Some of our properties do allow Schoolies bookings if you agree to provide a cash bond to be held in
trust and provide ID for guests staying at the property. See our Terms and Conditions for the
full details, it is best to talk to our team on 02 4862 5200 for confirmation.

Can I hold my wedding reception at the property?

All wedding venues need to be licensed by the local authorities. Holiday homes are generally not licensed for this purpose. We also have a strict no party policy. Only guests staying at the property can be present.

What is the Bond?

The bond is our security against any damages done to the property during your stay, and any cleaning required above those laid out in the Terms and Conditions. This is refundable providing the conditions of your stay are met and not breached. We will also keep your credit card details on file for up to 14 days after the date of stay to act as the bond, should there be any issues with the way the property is left.

If I cancel my booking will I get my money back?

The deposit and booking service fees are non-refundable. We may be able to transfer your booking to a different date or reduce the stay at our discretion. A transfer fee will be applicable. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the full details.